Helicopter Robinson R44

Lightweight multi-purpose helicopter manufactured by Robinson Helicopter.


Passengers – 3;

Pilot – 1;

Cruising speed – 210 km/h;

Maximum speed – 240 km/h;

Rate of climb – 5 m/s;

Engine power – up to 300 sph;

Flight range – 650 km;

Flight duration – 3.5 hours;

Working height – 1500 m.

According to its characteristics, the Robinson r44 is quite simple, but at the same time a very reliable and safe helicopter. It has a wide range of applications, in almost any conditions, from city, charter, pleasure and other types of flights. Externally, the r44 is practically no different from the Robinson r66, the main difference is the number of seats.

Low noise, vibration during the flight will provide you maximum comfort and convenience. A glass cabin with a wide view will allow you to observe what is happening if you have a sightseeing flight and you want to look at the landscape. The absence of partitions between the front and rear seats will not limit the visibility of all helicopter passengers.