Helicopter Eurocopter 145

Eurocopter 145 (Airbus H145) is a multipurpose helicopter previously produced by Eurocopter, and after merging with Airbus, it is produced under the Airbus Helicopters brand.

The most important feature of this helicopter is its ability to be modified for various tasks. The uniqueness of the design allows it to be used to carry up to 9 passengers, which is currently the maximum load on the helicopter charter market in Ukraine.

The seats in the passenger compartment are arranged in three rows, in the first of which the passengers sit with their backs, and in the second and third in the direction of flight.

In European countries, the EC 145 is extremely popular, including for rescue and medical flights, due to the fact that it has excellent cabin noise insulation and a minimum level of vibration during flight, including thanks to a four-blade propeller.

The helicopter has two engines with a total capacity of up to 1500 horsepower, weighs 3.5 tons, depending on the modification. Two engines make the 145 the most powerful, fast and reliable machine.

In our work, the helicopter is in demand for flights to Chernobyl and is in demand for charter flights in Ukraine. The helicopter is able to deliver you in less than 2 and a half hours to Kharkov, Dnepr, Odessa, Lviv.

Eurocopter 145 is the most suitable for business and corporate flights in Ukraine. We will be happy to meet you at the Vip terminals of Zhuliany (UKKK) and Boryspil (UKBB) airports, we will comfortably deliver you to your destination at any time of the year, day or night.


Passengers – 8(9);

Pilot – 1 (2);

Cruising speed – 250 km/h;

Maximum speed – 280 km/h;

Rate of climb – 16.3 m/s;

Engine power – 2 X 738 shp;

Flight range – 600 km;

Flight Duration – 3 hours;

Working height – 5485 m.