Helicopter Eurocopter 130

The Eurocopter 130 (Airbus H130) is a multipurpose helicopter from Airbus Helicopters, produced before the rebranding by Eurocopter.

A distinctive feature of this helicopter model is the fuselage width up to 2 meters. In comparison with a similar helicopter Eurocopter 120, whose fuselage width reaches up to 1.5 meters.

The cabin is spacious, roomy, comfortable, has significantly panoramic glazing, which gives maximum visibility to each passenger. The helicopter can take on board 5 passengers + 1 pilot, all seats are located in the direction of travel. The salon is spacious and has improved noise isolation, which, in combination with fenestron, makes it less noisy.

Due to its aerodynamic characteristics and a 3-blade propeller, the helicopter behaves stably during flight, is little affected by the wind and vibrations inherent in helicopters with two blades.

In our daily work we use the H130 for charter flights and long excursions such as the Chernobyl zone. The helicopter is reliable and fast, and it takes less than 2.5 hours to get you to Odessa, Lviv, Dnipro or Kharkiv.


Passengers – 5;

Pilot – 1 (2);

Cruising speed – 230 km/h;

Maximum speed – 280 km/h;

Rate of climb – 11.6 m/s;

Engine power – up to 850 shp;

Flight range – 600 km;

Flight Duration – 3.5 hours;

Working height – 2900 – 3100 m.