Wedding helicopter flight

A wedding is one of the most important, major and memorable events in a person’s life. A special celebration, the key to family and success in people’s lives. A wedding is always associated with something joyful, kind and bright. Each couple, especially the bride, wants her wedding to be the most sophisticated, the best and the most unique, not like the others. Add helicopter to the wedding to add pungency, delight, emotions. A wedding flight by helicopter will be an unforgettable and unique event on your holiday. Such a wedding gift absolutely will not be left aside, but rather it will be remembered as something incredible. Your wedding will become for you an emotional outburst and a charge for the whole family life.

Helicopter: Robinson 44, passengers – 3

Flight time: 30 minutes – the price is 11 000 UAH

Flight time: 45 minutes – the price is 16 000 UAH

Flight time: 60 minutes – the price is 20000 000 UAH