Helicopter tours. Corporate flights

Helicopter tours are a series of several identical flights at the point of execution. The main idea and meaning of a tour or corporate flight is to bring an aircraft to a specified location in order to perform several identical or similar flights.

You are planning a corporate event for your employees in the company, for business partners, or you just want to take your guests, large family or children on a helicopter ride. Of course, you can come to us and fly.

But, and if your event is in the open air, in a suburban entertainment complex, in a restaurant, in a guest house or in any other interesting place where there is an opportunity for a helicopter to land and you want to fly.

We offer you not to go anywhere, not to waste your time, but to concentrate only on your rest, and the helicopter will fly to you by itself.

In this case, the conditions on the landing site are minimal and there are no strict criteria and requirements for landing.

As a result of such a tour, you get a lot of pleasure and impressions, a lot of colorful photos and a lot of positive emotions. The helicopter will arrive at piont of destination, perform a series of flights and fly back. The main thing is that you do not have to go to the airfield, waste your time and face any restrictions.

Tours and corporate helicopter flights will make your holiday unforgettable.

Do you like this idea, but still have questions or suggestions ?! Call us and together we will select the best option. Be bolder, and then any idea can be realized.

Helicopter: Robinson r44, passengers – 3

Departure: your location

Minimum flight time: 10 minutes