Helicopter flight for one in Kiev

A helicopter flight for one or how to get a 67% discount on the cost of the flight !?

A helicopter flight implies the lease of an aircraft for a period of time. At the same time, the entire helicopter is at your disposal and you can use all available seats. That is, if you are flying, for example, a Sightseeing flight or a flight to Mezhyhirya, then you yourself decide how many 1/2/3 passengers there will be at your discretion. But not more than the permissible amount, according to the helicopter modification.

But what if you want to fly alone and save money at the same time?

In this case, we propose to fly together with two more who wish to also receive a discount due to the additional payment of other flight participants. In other words, we will unite you with two other people during the flight.

Economy, the main determinant of such a flight. Helicopter flight for one – You save 67% of the cost. This is a significant amount compared to a regular flight, where you pay in full for the flight time.

How it works?!

Everything is quite simple, you need to contact us in any available way and leave a request for a flight for one.

Important! The flight is carried out only when fully loaded, the required number of people on board is 3.

Flying time:

Sightseeing flight Kiev – 12/15 minutes

Price for 12 minutes: 1650 uah (instead of 5000 uah) for 1 passenger

Price for 15 minutes: 2000 uah (instead of 6000 uah) for 1 passenger

Sightseeing flight Kiev + Mezhyhirya – 20/24 minutes

Price for 20 minutes: 2650 uah (instead of 8000 uah) for 1 passenger

Price for 24 minutes: 3000 uah (instead of 9000 uah) for 1 passenger

Helicopter: Robinson 44, passengers – 3

You save: 67%