Helicopter steering

A helicopter flight itself is an intriguing and memorable event. The helicopter will take you into the sky and allow you to soar above the ground, touch the clouds, feel yourself at a height and give you the opportunity to look beyond the horizon. Each flight is unique in its own way, has a moment of expectation and anticipation, carries a lot of emotions, mystery and intrigue. Someone is planning a helicopter flight, someone will have a surprise, but this event is always bright and beautiful, and most importantly, it will be remembered forever!

Have you ever imagined that you would have such an opportunity to fly in a helicopter? Some of you dreamed, some planned, and some could not imagine what would be in the helicopter cockpit. We wish all our guests, clients and just friends to experience all the beauty of a helicopter flight.

Do you want more? How about taking steering? Interesting?! We are more than sure that yes! ))

Piloting a helicopter is something unknown, something completely unattainable. But no, here it is, take it and drive it! ))

To add spice, enhance the effect of the flight, make someone’s dream come true, do even more than just ride a helicopter – this is to enable you to control the helicopter. Helicopter piloting as an additional option during any of our flights. Our pilot-instructors, under their control, will let you take the control stick in your hands and fly the helicopter along the route. It is absolutely safe as the control stick is duplicated and the pilot will insure you.

We are one hundred percent sure that you will succeed and you will definitely feel like a helicopter pilot!

Flying time: any flight

Helicopter: Robinson r44, passengers – 3

Price: 500 uah