Photo session with helicopter

Have you ever thought to spend a photo session with the helicopter?

Photography with the helicopter the perfect solution to get effective and non-standard images, not like at all. With the help of such a photo shoot, you can stand out among your competitors, make an interesting portfolio, demonstrate the level and strength of your intentions, and just pleasantly surprise many of your friends and acquaintances. Conducting a photo session near a helicopter in Kiev in order to show your professionalism, promote your brand or organization, will help indicate your approach to business and inherent potential.

A photo session with a helicopter in Kiev opens up a number of possibilities for you, removes almost all restrictions and allows you to embody the brightest fantasies and ideas. Due to the fact that the helicopter can be landed almost anywhere, in a forest, near a lake, on a river island, on a restaurant site, in an abandoned factory or ancient ruins. Here, an endless range of locations opens, a flight of imagination and your desires, you can embody the most seemingly incredible.

You can use all kinds of equipment, professional equipment, drone for photography.

Each photo session is individual and requires some preparations and approvals. Therefore, in order to perform the assigned task qualitatively, it is necessary to prepare.

Time: from 60 minutes

Helicopter: Robinson r44, passengers – 3 (or other as agreed)

Location: determined additionally

Price: negotiable