Night helicopter flight

Each flight carries something of its own, is not similar to the previous one and slightly resembles the future. Any flight contains adventure, emotion and adrenaline. But among all flights, one should be noted, which has its own unique charm, taste, suspense and romance. Yes, you guessed it, this is a night helicopter flight.

A night flight in Kiev by helicopter will surprise you with its uniqueness, paint the horizon with a multitude of lights and spotlights reflected in the waters of the Dnieper. Night always carries its own mystery. Flying in a helicopter at night will create a unique and incomparable atmosphere. A helicopter flight will turn your evening into a fabulous one.

On your way you will see many skyscrapers of Kiev, avenues with moving cars, symbols of Kiev, embankments, monuments, cathedrals, beautiful bridges illuminated by hundreds of lights, all these beauties iridescent in different colors and shades. Every element, every corner, every pixel has its own color and shine. This is a must-see from the helicopter cockpit. And if you are a little lucky, then you will meet fireworks on your way.

Night flight is an amazing adventure and a little story for you to live.

Flight time: 30/45 minutes

Helicopter: Robinson 44, passengers – 3

Helicopter: Robinson 66, passengers – 3/4


Darnitsky bridge


People’s Friendship Arch

Trukhanov island



Paton bridge

South bridge

Price Robinson 44: 600 USD, number of passengers on board from 1 to 3.