Helicopter flight for two in Kiev

A helicopter flight for two or how to save 33% of the flight cost !?

Saving on the flight allows you to choose a longer flight in time than paying for the full flight on your own for a shorter time interval. If you were planning a sightseeing flight, then in the case of two, you can consider a flight to Mezhyhirya, which is much more interesting.

A pleasure flight is a rental of a helicopter according to the time and specified route by prior agreement. The helicopter, in this case Robinson 44, is designed for 3 passengers + 1 pilot. But if you want to fly together and at the same time reduce the cost of the flight, then it is necessary to unite you with a third person, which will allow you to count on a significant discount from the cost of the flight as usual.

Interesting already ?! We think so too!

Helicopter flight for a couple – savings of 33 percent and rational use of your funds. You will feel almost no difference compared to a private flight, but you will spend less and, as a result, you will be happy with a flight at a lower cost.

How to book a flight for two?

Leave a request in any way convenient for you from those indicated on the website or call by phone. We will discuss a convenient day and time with you, and then we will try to unite you with another person who wants to fly so that your desired date and time coincide as much as possible.

Important! The flight is carried out only when fully loaded, the required number of people on board is 3.

Flying time:

Sightseeing flight Kiev – 12/15 minutes

Price for 12 minutes: 3350 uah (instead of 5000 uah) for 2 passengers

Price for 15 minutes: 4000 uah (instead of 6000 uah) for 2 passengers

Sightseeing flight Kiev + Mezhyhirya – 20/24 minutes

Price for 20 minutes: 5350 uah (instead of 8000 uah) for 2 passengers

Price for 24 minutes: 6000 uah (instead of 9000 uah) for 2 passengers

Helicopter: Robinson 44, passengers – 3

You save: 33%