Church on water helicopter flight

Helicopter tour to the church in the village of Gusintsy. Unique helicopter tour Church on the water. The church is located on an island, completely surrounded by water. You can appreciate this beauty from the cockpit of a helicopter. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to land directly near the temple. Duration of parking is 10 minutes. This time is enough to visit the temple, take a walk around and take some beautiful pictures. The route includes a basic flight over Kyiv plus the Church on the water.

Flying time: 60 minutes

Helicopter: Robinson 44, passengers – 3

Helicopter: Eurocopter 120, passengers – 4


Trukhanov Island

Obolon Embankment

Peoples’ Friendship Arch

Vladimir Glass Bridge

Foot bridge

Metro bridge

Havana bridge

Darnitsky bridge

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra


Paton Bridge

South bridge

Concha Zaspa

Church on the water

Price Robinson 44: 20000 uah, the number of passengers on board from 1 to 3.