Gender helicopter party

Boy or girl ?! Probably one of the most important questions in every person’s life. The birth of a child in a family is always a kind of mystery, expectation, interest and a moment of anticipation. I look forward to this moment with incredible enthusiasm and excitement. Someone wants to have a girl, and someone, on the contrary, is waiting for a boy.

The question arises, how to inform everyone about the birth of a baby and, moreover, to do it somehow unusual and beautiful ?! In fact, you can come up with many options, gather the closest people, relatives and friends. Find and choose the right words and solemnly inform everyone about it.

And how can you do everything in such a way that you do not say anything to anyone, but just show them brightly, colorfully and effectively, without unnecessary words? But in the same turn, everyone will understand 100 percent what kind of baby you will have.

In our case, you can’t do without a helicopter. Everything is simple enough. It is necessary to choose a place, gather all friends, relatives and arrange a gender party. You might consider, for example, options such as a restaurant or a vacation home. The location should be chosen outside the city limits, as this will simplify the approach by helicopter and expand the range of possible venues for the party.

Then you organize a gender party of your choice. At a certain moment, you need to invite guests to go out into the fresh air to announce the purpose of your holiday. We will do everything for you and you will only have to accept congratulations.

The helicopter will fly over all the lights and spray a powder (safe for others) blue or pink in the air, leaving a beautiful and bright trail. We will make several circles and paint the sky so that your loved ones will not have the slightest doubt about what kind of baby you will be born with.

Helicopter: Robinson 44