Charter flight on helicopter Kyiv – Uzhgorod – Kyiv

Uzhgorod is the closest administrative center of Ukraine to Europe. It is one of the most important transport hubs on the way to Europe. For many Europeans, Ukraine begins with Uzhgorod. There is something to see here, the city has a large historical heritage that has survived to this day.

Uzhgorod is located quite far from Kiev, by car you have to overcome about 800 km of ordinary roads and roads passing through mountainous terrain, which can significantly affect the travel time. This path can often be difficult and time consuming.

In this case, you should weigh what is your priority now, speed or economy. Helicopter flight to Uzhgorod, today, is perhaps the longest route for a charter flight. Estimated flight time is 4 hours one way. But in any case, 2-3 times faster than by car. In the case of a car, the season cannot be ignored.

Considering the distance from Kiev and the capabilities of the helicopter, during the flight you will have to make an additional landing for refueling. Typically, this landing takes up to 30 minutes, which will allow you to rest a little. A helicopter flight from Kiev to Uzhgorod is a unique opportunity to fly over half of the country, see its beauty, and discover new impressions.

Charter helicopter flight Kiev Uzhgorod – business class and VIP charter. The helicopter is a reliable assistant, always ready to fulfill the task assigned to it.

Flight Time Kyiv – Uzhgorod – Kyiv: 8 hours

Parking: 3 hours included

Overnight: by reservation

Departure: airfield Hydropark

Helicopter: Robinson r44, passengers – 3

Price: 5600 USD