Charter flight on helicopter Kyiv – Ternopil – Kyiv

Ternopil is an industrial city in the western part of Ukraine. Located in the center of major cities in the European part of the country. The city is developing its agricultural and industrial sectors. The city has its own potential and thus attracts the interest of investors and companies, including foreign ones.

There is an airport in Ternopil, but regular flights are temporary or seasonal. With the help of a helicopter, a flight to Ternopil can be carried out with a landing at the airport or at an optimal point for you.

A helicopter is always about mobility and speed. The estimated flight time from Kiev to Ternopil is 2 hours 30 minutes. Although a helicopter flies slower than an airplane, the result is faster. You will not spend a lot of time on check-in, plus on arrival 2 hours at least before departure at the airport.

In the case of a helicopter, you will fly to your destination within 10 minutes after arriving at the airfield. Charter helicopter flight to Ternopil – you gain valuable time and remove all obstacles on your way.

Flight Time Kyiv – Ternopil – Kyiv: 5 hours

Parking: 3 hours included

Overnight: by reservation

Departure: airfield Hydropark

Helicopter: Robinson r44, passengers – 3

Price: 3500 USD