Charter flight on helicopter Kyiv – Lutsk – Kyiv

Lutsk is one of the western Ukrainian cities on the way to Europe. To date, there is no air service here. The nearest international airport Lviv is 150 km away by car.

Volyn region is an important border region, a popular destination for travel and business travel. Lutsk can be used as an intermediate point on your way to Europe. Due to the absence of an operating airport for flights to Lutsk, we can offer our helicopters for our part.

A helicopter flight to Lutsk can be carried out in 2 and a half hours. Such a distance from Kiev is convenient because we can make a non-stop flight and not refuel along the route, which is undoubtedly convenient for passengers.

Looking at the map, we understand that a flight to Lutsk means looking at half of the country from East to West. Flying in a helicopter is much more interesting than flying the same route by plane. Many of our clients, and those who just flew in a helicopter, know that the flight time in a helicopter flies twice as fast.

The best option for business people is a charter helicopter flight Kyiv – Lutsk. We fly 365 days a year.

Flight Time Kyiv – Lutsk – Kyiv: 5 hours

Parking: 3 hours included

Overnight: by reservation

Departure: airfield Hydropark

Helicopter: Robinson r44, passengers – 3

Price: 3500 USD