Charter flight on helicopter Kyiv – Kremenchug

Kremenchug is a relatively small city in the Poltava region. But with its size, it is quite famous in Ukraine and abroad for its carriage-building plant. The company participates in regional, state, national, metropolitan and other state projects, thereby making a great contribution to the development of our country.

For foreign investors, partners of the plant from other regions of Ukraine, tourists and guests of the city, we want to offer a helicopter flight to Kremenchug as a way of transportation. Wherever you fly, a helicopter will in any case be faster and more efficient. For example, from Kiev, the estimated flight time will be 1 hour 45 minutes. Hiring a helicopter for flying to Kremenchug will save your time, regardless of which city or region you plan to fly by helicopter.

To order a charter flight by helicopter to Kremenchug means to combine the main components of any transport connection: speed, time, distance. Fly a helicopter for fun.

Flight Time Kyiv – Kremenchug – Kyiv: 3,5 hours

Parking: 3 hours included

Overnight: by reservation.

Departure: mini airfield Hydropark

Helicopter: Robinson r44, passengers – 3

Price: 2450 USD