Year 2021

Friends, we want to take stock of the outgoing year, share our impressions and our little achievements.

Group flights.

Thanks to repeated requests from our customers and users of social networks, in the fall of 2021, we resumed a promotion for flights in a group of 1 to 3 people on a Robinson 44 helicopter, without attracting third-party advertising resources. Now you can contact us directly in order to fly a national team flight.

Moreover, now you can get ready for a sightseeing flight for two or one, both 12/15 and 20/24 flights to Mezhyhirya for two or a flight for one. Previously, only 12 and 24 minutes were available. We tried to expand your possibilities in terms of choice, now instead of a 12-minute individual flight, you can fly a group flight to Mezhyhirya for 20 minutes, taking only 1 more person with you.

In general, if it is not a matter of principle for you to fly with someone else, then your savings are 33% and 67%, which, in our opinion, is quite significant.

Gender party.

Another novelty on the list of our flights is a gender party with a helicopter. A very popular flight this year. Many young people, even before the birth of a child, want to arrange a cool event for themselves and their loved ones. To do this, they organize a holiday in a place convenient for helicopter flights. We arrive and spray a powder of pink or blue color, safe for the environment and people, depending on what the baby is like.

You can decorate everything with balloons, order fireworks and a helicopter. Very interesting emotions overwhelm the guests of the party and the fun is gaining new momentum. Everything looks pretty cool and unique. Try it.

Flight 1 hour.

On our flight list, until this summer, there was only one 60 minute flight with a landing, called Church on the water. You will be able to see Kiev, Motherland, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and the bridges of the capital, as well as land in the village Gusintsy on a flooded island with a Church. Believe us, there are very beautiful places and you will not regret if you fly there.

But we considered that this was not enough and added an hour flight Hydropark – Tripolye – Mezhyhirya – Hydropark. The flight is very dynamic, you will look twice at Kiev, first closer to the Left, and then to the Right bank in turn. Which one you like best, choose for yourself.

New helicopters.

On the pages of our social networks and in the helicopters tab on our website, you could see 2 new helicopters in our fleet, namely Eurocopter 130 and Eurocopter 145.

Both helicopters perform tasks related to business aviation, fly charter flights in Ukraine. Let us remind you that a charter flight is a flight from one city to another or from one airport to an airport in another city. Ec 130 is designed for 5 passengers, and Ec 145 up to 8 passengers.

The year 2021.

Dear friends and partners, thank you for being with us this year. We wish you all the best in your endeavors in the New 2022. All the best and see you at the airfield – the Helicopter Kyiv team.