Where to fly in winter?

Where to fly in winter? Warm autumn made us happy with the weather this year and made it possible to fly without hindrance until mid-November. It’s still November on the calendar, but winter is already knocking on the door with the first snow. This is the season of winter sports, mountain recreation and everything related to snow. The season is opening for flights to the Carpathians and Bukovel.

What are the flight options in winter? In any case, no one canceled pleasure flights in Kiev, the only thing is that the day has become shorter and requirements have been added in terms of weather conditions. You can arrange a romantic date in the mountains for the second half, or you can make a marriage proposal. To do this, you need very little, literally 3 things: a bottle of champagne, a ring and a helicopter)). And then spend a few winter days in the mountains with the help of a helicopter. In this case, the optimal solution would be Robinson 44. The main thing is to set yourself such a goal, and we will help you to realize it.

Family New Year in the mountains. How do you like this idea? Fortunately, in the Ukrainian Carpathians there are a lot of different places for the whole family in winter. A colossal number of interesting places, Bukovel, Yaremche, Slavskoe, Vorokhta. A huge number of recreation complexes and places to comfortably spend time with a helicopter at your side. If you have a small family, Robinson 66 or our beloved Eurocopter 120 will do, both helicopters are designed for 4 passengers + pilot and both have a luggage compartment, which is important in winter. If you have a large family of 5 or more people, then we are ready to fly on two helicopters at the same time.

What do you know about heliskiing? A very cool thing, in our opinion, for true connoisseurs of alpine skiing and snowboarding. You are a fan of skiing from the mountain slopes, moreover, you are a professional skiing, tired of riding among a large number of people, you want to use a helicopter instead of a lift, then heli ski is what you need. It’s very simple, you want to ride alone, we will take you there and you can ride several times in a row. Heli ski – you will definitely need a helicopter here.

Of all our flights, we especially love the fantastic and seemingly the most unrealistic, but such flights are not like others, they are unique and inimitable, and this is exactly what we want from each of them! The helicopter is waiting for you and we are ready to fly!