New flight. Where to fly in a warm season?

Dear friends, spring has come, there are more and more warm days and the season of helicopter flights begins. Of course, we fly all year round, but with the coming of spring our helicopters take off more and more often. We have prepared a new flight for you and slightly updated one of the well-known ones.

1.Flight to the zoo.

We are the first on the flight market in Ukraine to start flying to the zoo, we got this idea and we really like it. We drew our attention to the fact that we do not have a flight for children, such that they would be interested in more than just a helicopter flight. In the modern world, it is difficult to find time to spend a weekend with your family, and even more so to take a walk in the zoo. You will fly to the zoo, if necessary, the helicopter will wait for you and you can fly back to the airfield. In any case, you will get a lot of positive emotions directly from the flight and from going to the zoo itself, and your children will be in 7th heaven with happiness. The optimal period for such a flight is from the beginning of April to the end of October. Flight to the zoo is better than just a family day off.

2.Flight to Chernobyl 2 in 1.

We were the first to make a rather unique flight, which combined two excursions from the ground and from the air. Flight to Chernobyl with landing at the checkpoint “Detyatki”. Landing directly in the exclusion zone is prohibited, but you have the opportunity to fly up to 30 km of the Chernobyl zone, then go on an excursion by car, and we will wait for you. Waiting time is up to 3 hours. As practice shows, this time interval is quite enough to see the most significant objects of the zone and have time to return to the helicopter. And when you return, we will fly with you to the exclusion zone and you can look at Chernobyl and Pripyat from the helicopter cockpit. Helicopter flight to Chernobyl 2 in 1 – get the maximum possible effect from this tour.

We try to search, come up with something new, interesting for you, and we often tell you that any idea can be realized!