Uber launched a helicopter taxi in New York

Uber, as part of the Uber Copter project, began to make helicopter flights en route from Lower Manhattan to John F. Kennedy International Airport. The flight time will be about 8 minutes, while by car at off-peak hours it will be about 70 minutes.

Estimated cost will be from 200 to 225 dollars per passenger. Interestingly, this price includes a transfer to the take-off place and from the place of landing in a Uber car taxi, which is extremely convenient. The company aims to maximize comfortable conditions for its passengers.

Now the air taxi service has become available to New Yorkers without restrictions, although before that only those who participated in the Uber Rewards program with Platinum and Diamond status could use the helicopter services.

The service is available during peak hours. You can order a helicopter both on the day of flight and in advance, within 5 days before the date of departure. Thus, you can conveniently plan a helicopter flight, for example, if you have a further flight from the airport.

As for luggage, each passenger can take with him one bag of hand luggage and a suitcase, in fact, as with a normal flight on an airplane.

There is no need to install additional applications, the ability to order a helicopter will appear if you order a taxi to the airport automatically.

HeliFlite will provide its helicopters and pilots for air travel for Uber.