Company Robinson Helicopter Started The Assembly Of It’s Thousand R66.

Robinson Helicopter has begun assembling the thousandth R66 helicopter. This model is very popular and popular in the world along with the R44. Promising news for the company and the development of a fairly popular helicopter model.

Robinson R66 – The helicopter is a light multi-purpose, the first gas turbine helicopter. The development of this model started in the early 2000s. The helicopter made its first flight on November 7, 2007. Orders for the helicopter began to arrive in the 2010th year. Since the release of the helicopter has flown for more than one million hours.

R66 single-engine helicopter with two-bladed main and tail rotor. Robinson R66 is made of aluminum and steel alloys, as well as composite materials.

The main feature of the helicopter is the Rolls-Royce RR300 gas turbine. It is more compact and lighter, unlike the Lycoming O-540 six-cylinder piston engine, which accordingly makes the R66 lighter than the R44. It is also worth noting the fuel system of the balloon type. The new engine for the helicopter is equipped with an anti-icing system, which is included in the basic package, is a rather important point in the operating conditions in our country in the winter.

The turbine consumes 87 liters of aviation kerosene per hour, the engine of the previous model consumed 57 liters of gasoline per hour.

The R66 helicopter has collected many of the structural elements of the R44 model. But at the same time, the Robinson 66 is characterized by increased power with a good margin, the helicopter has improved flight characteristics. A more spacious and roomy cabin allows you to take on board 4 passengers. Another useful option was the luggage compartment with a cargo compartment, capacity up to 140 pounds, which allows you to equip the helicopter with an additional tank. In the R44 helicopter, the luggage compartment is initially missing.

The configuration of the cabin of the helicopter provides a panoramic view for both the pilot and passengers. Energy-absorbing seats are installed in the R66, which significantly affects comfort.

R66 is made of composite materials, aluminum and various steel alloys. The helicopter is equipped with electromechanical devices, as well as modern digital ones, which greatly expand the range of possibilities for the pilot.

Robinson helicopters are assembled at their own plant in Torrance, California, USA. Own production guarantees the highest quality control of production. The equipment at the enterprise meets all the latest standards and requirements. To check accuracy, coordinate measuring machines are used, capable of checking the dimensions of the workpieces within 3 microns. This accuracy affects significantly when replacing spare parts.

Flight and technical characteristics of the Robinson R66 helicopter allow it to be put in line with helicopters costing several times higher. The cost of the Robinson R66 Turbine in the basic configuration is 815 thousand usd, one of the lowest prices for a gas turbine helicopter.

In our country, R66 is used for private and commercial purposes. In our work, we use this helicopter both for sightseeing flights, and for tours and charter flights in Ukraine. Enjoy your flight and welcome aboard.