Summer is the time to enjoy warm weather, long days, communication with loved ones, outdoor recreation and fresh air. In such weather, you can fly to any point and have a good time.

Summer is a great time for offsite corporate events, team building and quests. The highlight of such a holiday can be a helicopter flight. Moreover, you don’t have to tell the guests that a helicopter will arrive and let it be a surprise for everyone.

The venue for such a tour can be a suburban recreation complex, a restaurant, a villa, a cottage town or just a summer cottage. As a rule, the landing site is not difficult enough to find nearby.

You can properly allocate the time and send a helicopter to you for a holiday. Then divide the guests into groups of 3 people and take a ride in turn. For example, you can take a minimum flight time of 10 minutes, so that the intervals are not too large and everyone is in the same rhythm, those who have to fly, those who have just taken off and those who have already experienced incredible emotions from a helicopter flight.

For such corporate flights, the Robinson 44 helicopter, designed for 3 passengers, is best suited. This helicopter is quite compact, does not require any special conditions for landing and can land on a fairly small area or glade.

Congratulate close people, just get together with friends, give everyone joyful moments, make an unforgettable gift for your employees, colleagues or partners, and believe me, you will have something to discuss and remember until the next time.

Also, do not forget that children also love to ride a helicopter, and in our practice there were such tours designed specifically to circle their children on a helicopter.

Summer is the best time for helicopter flights. We decided to add a helicopter tour to your event, holiday, birthday, then we will fly to the specified place and complete the task.