Seaplane Icon A5

Icon A5 is a seaplane manufactured by Icon aircraft. A very interesting and unique car in the line of seaplanes and airplanes in the world.

Uniqueness is present in many of the elements that we will talk about in our article. The main feature of the aircraft is that it can land both on water and on a hard surface. The design is equipped with retractable landing gear, which allows you to make a seaplane from the aircraft and vice versa. This feature removes a number of obstacles and gives you freedom of choice and expands your ability to take off and land.

You and I are accustomed to the fact that the wings on the plane are always in the same constant position. In every aircraft, the wings have their own direct span. This type of design requires more space during taxiing, hangar parking and transportation than a helicopter. The developers of the Icon aircraft solved this problem quite simply and effectively, creating a wing structure with the ability to fold most of it parallel to the fuselage.

It is quite easy and simple to fold the wings in a couple of minutes and fix them in the standard provided positions and latches, and most importantly, such a procedure does not require much physical strength. Each pilot will be able to prepare the plane for flight very quickly and easily, or fold it down to reduce the size. Due to this possibility, the folded plane takes up no more space than, for example, Robinson 44 or 66. Accordingly, the plane is convenient for transportation, it can be stored on water, land, in a hangar and even at home in a garage. You can roll it ashore, then lower it into the water and take off. A very technologically advanced and innovative solution for an aircraft.

The design of the seaplane is very modern, futuristic, both outside and inside. The aircraft uses carbon fibers, carbon fiber and other lightweight materials to reduce weight. The inside of the plane is very similar to a car, it is quite simple to start and operate.

The distance that can be covered reaches 600 km, at a speed of 150 km/h, which is already good enough. You may be surprised, but this car consumes 15 liters of fuel per hour, which is not unimportant, ordinary gasoline familiar to all of us. You can refuel anywhere. Operating costs aside, this fuel consumption ratio is comparable to driving a conventional car.

Designers took care of safety. The aircraft is equipped with a parachute system. In an emergency, this can come in handy and be extremely useful. But like any technique, the aircraft undergoes uniform maintenance and the risks of failure are minimized or practically absent.

The plane is made for fun, it can turn a lake into an airport. Its main goal and task is so that you can get indescribable emotions, impressions and delight.

Icon A5 – new opportunities and always open skies!