Gift helicopter flight

A helicopter flight as a gift is perhaps one of the ways not only to effectively congratulate the birthday person, but also to make an unforgettable impression. The helicopter will look advantageous and original against any background. But it can add flavor to a helicopter flight if you enhance the flight experience with one of our options.

  1. Piloting a helicopter. An additional option for our pleasure flights. A flight as a gift will already make a sufficient impression, but a surprise in the form of piloting will make you forget about everything for sure. Our pilot-instructors will tell you the basics of piloting and will temporarily give you the help to control the helicopter during the flight. Piloting can be added to any of our flights. Believe me, this is very interesting.
  2. Night flight. A very exciting and emotional experience. Flight at night is perhaps one of the most beautiful helicopter tours. Night has its own atmosphere, you want to fly non-stop and admire thousands of lights. A helicopter flight at night in Kiev is perfect as a romantic gift for a loved one. The effect of night flight will be indescribable.
  3. Flight by two helicopters. Such a gift is perfect for a large family or friends who have a noisy company, when you want to celebrate to the maximum. Flying in two helicopters at the same time doubles the experience of flying, adds dynamics and excitement.

Present a helicopter ride to your family, friends or relatives. Such a gift will always be in value and will be remembered forever. If you don’t know what to present – a helicopter, perhaps you cannot think of a better present!

Helicopter: Robinson r44, passengers – 3

Helicopter: Robinson r66, passengers – 4

Helicopter: Eurocopter 120, passengers – 4

Helicopter: Bell 407, passengers – 5-6