Helicopter Bell 505 Jet Ranger X

Bell 505 Jet Ranger X – a new generation of helicopters in the vast world of aviation and in the model range of Bell Helicopters. Jet Ranger X is a high-tech helicopter that combines the optimal indicators of price, quality, comfort and reliability.

During the development of the helicopter, the designers used advanced technologies and solutions, relying on the vast experience in the production and operation of helicopters of the company for several decades.

The Bell 505 is primarily distinguished by an aerodynamic glass cabin with a wide viewing angle in the vertical and horizontal plane. This modification of the cockpit significantly improves visibility for the pilot, which allows you to use this helicopter in various difficult conditions for piloting and makes the machine as efficient as possible when performing tasks of high complexity. Externally, this Bell helicopter resembles the Eurocopter 120 and is in direct competition.

The helicopter received increased internal space. Engineers tried to locate the internal equipment, the seats of pilots and passengers as efficiently as possible.

The ceiling has become higher. The upper instrument panel left only the most necessary, the rotor brake, mounts for headsets and a switch for helicopter lights. All other controls are located on the front instrument panel. The rear seats of the helicopter are folding, which makes it possible to take on board cargo up to 680 kg. Given the size of this helicopter, such a carrying capacity is quite impressive. The front seats can be moved, they are located on the so-called rails, which makes it possible to take on board various voluminous equipment, transport specialists of various industries in protective and special suits, with portable equipment, etc. Also in the helicopter there is a luggage compartment with a separate door.

The Bell 505 helicopter is designed to carry 1 pilot and 4 passengers. Medium in size, but with a larger cabin and passenger capacity such as that of the Robinson 66, will allow the 505th model to become popular in the market of passenger charter transport by helicopter in a number of countries.

Bell Jet Ranger X is optimized for flying in different conditions, equipped with a sufficient number of modern navigation equipment and contains a number of technical innovations, which I would definitely like to talk about in this article.

Bell Helicopters specialists used a number of components and assemblies from the Bell 206 model, using this helicopter as the base for the 505 development. But at the same time they managed to construct a lighter cabin and lighten the tail boom. These changes allowed to reduce the take-off weight of the helicopter and reduce the load on the rotor blades. The helicopter has excellent autorotation characteristics due to its highly inertial rotor. Noise level 3 levels, which is below the ICAO limit value.

The helicopter is equipped with a Garmin G1000H glass control panel, which optimally informs the pilot about the flight situation and the state of operation of the helicopter and engine systems. Information is displayed on the multifunction display. The system includes a GPS complex with a transponder., TIS route display, HTAWS proximity and collision avoidance warning system, Garmin HSVT movable flight route display and artificial vision, electronic horizon, altimeter and flight speed indicator.

Actual data allows the pilot to monitor engine parameters in an automated mode, to receive current information about the power, consumption and temperature of fuel and lubricants.

The helicopter has a Turbomeca Arrius 2R engine with a power of 504 hp. The Arrius powerplant is characterized by the ability to increase fuel economy. Reliable and time-tested engine, fully integrated with the Garmin helicopter control system.

The helicopter cruising speed is 210 km / h, the maximum flight speed is 232 km / h. The maximum flight range is 645 kilometers and a height of 5200 meters.

Thanks to its characteristics and distinctive features, the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X is gaining popularity around the world. The helicopter is multifunctional, suitable for various tasks, has a wide range of applications, including for private and commercial flights. The helicopter is very conceptual, functional, economical and easy to operate. Such a helicopter will be gladly accepted into the fleet of any airline.