Airbus corporate helicopter H160

H160 is a high-tech helicopter from Airbus Helicopters, which has collected the best from the H145 and H175 models.

The goal of the company when creating this model was to combine comfort, safety and competitiveness in the same business helicopter market as a whole in one helicopter. The model has become more quiet and environmental compared to other helicopters in the “N” line. The multifunctional helicopter is designed for use in the gas and oil industries, for charter, corporate, commercial, vip flights, rescue operations, medical charter helicopter flights and government transportation.

The helicopter combines technology, speed, convenience, multitasking and style. The design made of composite materials allowed to realize design solutions in the form of a flat cabin and large windows, improve aerodynamic performance and significantly reduce the take-off weight of the machine. Which in turn allowed to reduce fuel consumption and operating costs up to 20%.

The helicopter is able to take on board from 4 to 12 passengers, depending on the configuration and layout of the cabin.

The H160 series is presented in three types of design: Line, Exclusive and Editions. Line – a design in the style of a sports car is presented in several versions. Exclusive is a VIP-series, with the most individual approach and high-quality performance of the trim, in general and in detail, to satisfy the most demanding client at the highest level. Editions combines the brands and designers of Hermes, Mercedes Benz and the famous Peter Aidsgard of Pegasus Design.

The helicopter is the embodiment of innovation. The visual and technological feature of the H160 is the rotor blades with Blue Edge technology. The geometry of the blades with a bend resembles a stick, like a hockey player. During a helicopter flight, a vortex flow is created at the ends of the rotor blades, the geometry of the blade tips reduces the swirl flow, which reduces the noise level by 5 dB. Changing the bending of the blades allowed to increase the helicopter’s carrying capacity by 100 kg.

The developers of the Airbus H160 used a horizontal biplane stabilizer and a tiltable fenestron tail rotor, which together reduce noise impact and add smoothness during flight, and also improve the controllability and flight characteristics of the helicopter by an order of magnitude. Such a helicopter flight is as comfortable and balanced as possible.

Developing the H160 model, Airbus engineers decided not to use the helicopter’s electro-remote control system and the helicopter rotor blade anti-icing system as part of the basic configuration.

The chassis and brakes of the helicopter underwent a change, instead of the usual hydraulic systems, an electric drive system was used, thereby reducing weight and increasing the reliability of the aircraft. An additional reserve system for supplying fuels and lubricants was also finalized and installed, which significantly affects the flight safety and operation of the helicopter in normal and extreme conditions.

Airbus developers used the Helionix avionics system to reduce the load on pilots during the flight, which in turn increases the duration and quality of the pilot. Flight information is displayed on 4 touch multimedia monitors. The multifunctional Helionix system works in conjunction with a four-axis autopilot. The flight mode restriction indicator timely informs the pilot about the operation parameters of engines and helicopter systems. The avionics system has significant potential and functionality in comparison with the equipment of a number of helicopters. It is capable of processing and monitoring weather conditions along the flight route, and it also integrates a system for recognizing and avoiding ground obstacles in conjunction with a synthetic vision system, which is significantly effective during landing in bad weather conditions and on snowy landing places.

The helicopter received new Arrano engines with a capacity of up to 1300 l / s. This version allows you to save fuel costs from 10 to 15 percent at all stages of piloting, including when reaching the cruise flight mode.

The maximum take-off weight of the H160 is 5670 kg (12,500 pounds), and the maximum carrying capacity is 1,760 kg, including up to 500 kg of extra fuel on board. The helicopter is capable of developing a maximum speed of 325 km / h with a working cruising speed of 285 km / h, while the estimated range is 850 km and the maximum estimated height of 5900 m.

Specialists, engineers, developers and designers of Airbus Helicopters have invested a lot of energy, thoughts, and desire to make the H160 helicopter one of the most advanced aircraft in the world of aviation.