Helicopter Eurocopter 145

The Eurocopter 145 is a multipurpose helicopter developed by the French-German company Eurocopter, also designated H145 in the Airbus Corporate Helicopters range. As we wrote in previous articles, this helicopter is the older brother of the Eurocopter 135, has won its place, has become in demand and popular in the aviation of European countries and the world. The helicopter has been produced since 2000. For 2020, more than 1000 such helicopters have been produced, while Ec135 is around 700 machines. The Ec145 incorporates most of the qualities and characteristics of its predecessor, the BK117 multipurpose helicopter, although it is more associated with the 135th model.

In terms of its size, Ec 145 differs little from Ec135, but there are still significant differences in flight performance. The 145 is equipped with 2 x Turbomeca Arriel 1E2 turboshaft engines with a capacity of 2 x 738 hp, which is 230 – 264 more horsepower than the 135. Despite the fact that the Ec145 is 300 kg heavier, the empty weight is 1,790 kg, but it significantly wins in the rate of climb. Eurocopter 145 is gaining 16.3 m / s, compared to 7.6 m / s for 135. The cruising speed of the helicopter is 256 km / h. Flight range up to 705 km. The maximum flight time is 3 hours 55 minutes.

With a standard interior layout, the number of seats is 6, but to achieve greater capacity, the interior can be modified into a version with up to 10 seats. The helicopter is produced in several versions, depending on the purpose.

Since the helicopter is multifunctional and multitasking, it is widely used in aviation in the medical version. An important factor here is a single-level floor, sliding side doors and rear double doors, which allows maximum use of the entire space of the helicopter, and the installation of medical equipment. Moreover, the helicopter is capable of accommodating 2 stretchers on wheels and 3-4 medical personnel. Its technical characteristics allow it to fly within the city; thanks to the fenestron, it flies quite quietly and with less exposure to vibrations. The powerful engine allows you to hover in any adverse weather conditions, with strong winds, is able to land on the roof of a high-rise building without any problems. The helicopter is very stable and obedient, and most importantly safe.

The first helicopter models were produced with a tail rotor, but later the H145 series helicopter was upgraded to a version with a fenestron, received an innovative Helionix navigation system, received a four-axis autopilot, received a number of improvements and updates, including the main and tail rotor gearboxes.

Helionix is an innovative avionics complex developed by Airbus specifically for helicopters, including high-precision warning and control systems, navigation and location systems. Under the control of such avionics, high accuracy and stability of flight is achieved, protection against going beyond the flight modes, the ability to make an automated takeoff of a helicopter, and a hovering approach are provided.

The helicopter is also used as a policeman, transport, during firefighting and other rescue operations. Today the helicopter is equipped with a wide range of additional equipment; searchlights can be installed on the fuselage, a winch, rescue ropes on each side. It is also possible to install infrared, daylight and optical digital cameras with the ability to be controlled from inside the helicopter by the operator. Any additional platforms and installations can be installed.

The company pays sufficient attention to additional equipment to improve its machine. In addition, an emergency positioning transmitter is installed. The helicopter feels comfortable over water, which allows it to fly to various drilling platforms, land on sea vessels, and so on. While in use as a police helicopter, the 145 is capable of delivering a 9-man special response team when fully equipped.

The H145 version of Airbus Corporate Helicopters is used for private and commercial flights. The Mercedes Benz Stylence cab is designed to satisfy the most demanding passenger. Leather interior, wood inserts and signature interior lighting maintain a favorable atmosphere of comfort throughout the flight

Why did we treat this helicopter so carefully in our article? Everything is very simple, for our country the H145 helicopter is intended for the Water Police Department and the National Police, the National Guard, as well as for the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. Ukraine signed an agreement for the supply of 55 aircraft in 2018 with Airbus, including 10 new H145 D3 helicopters with 5 blades, 3 of which will be equipped with an EMS medical kit. At least 2 helicopters of the D2 version are already performing their tasks on the territory of our country.

The contract was concluded in the amount of 551 million euros. In addition to the helicopters themselves, the kit includes spare parts, additional equipment, special tools for servicing helicopters, as well as maintenance, simulators and training of technical personnel

At the Heli-Expo 2019 aviation exhibition, the helicopter was presented in an upgraded version of the H145 with a five-bladed main rotor, thus the helicopter became even more controllable, stable and capable of increasing payload. The helicopter is constantly being improved, modernized and improved.

As the manufacturer himself says, this is the most flexible helicopter cabin, it can be adapted for any purpose. In our opinion, Eurocopter is probably in the lead as the most comfortable and constructive helicopter capable of transforming.